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The Retina Center of Puerto Rico is the leading institute for retina eye care in the region. Dr. Luma Al Attar's repertoire in the field boasts of high achievements, honors, and extensive experience in her field.

Along with a knowledgeable doctor, upon visiting the eye care center; patients will be treated with the latest technology and medicines available in ophthalmology. The equipment offered in the center include but are not limited to the Paschal laser, digital fundus photography and angiography, OCT imaging, and an electronic medical record.

The new office in Torre Medica II offers a comfortable convenient setting. The staff is pleasant, caring and knowledgeable. Patients will feel that they are getting VIP care from the minute they enter the office to the moment they leave. Parking is available. The office is spacious and beautiful. Patient encounters are by appointment ("por cita", not "por orden de llegar") and all efforts are made to limit patient wait time. New appointments are given promptly and emergencies visits are always accommodated.

Dr. Al-Attar believes that patients should feel they can rely on her at all times. She offers her cell phone number for emergency calls and problems. Patients can feel confident that she will be available to address their problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We believe that patient education is an integral part of patient care. Patients are not hurried through appointments. Dr. Al-Attar spends adequate time explaining the eye disease and treatment options. She encourages questions and patient understanding.

Dr. Al Attar has gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible care, education, and treatment is provided to each every patient.


Retina Center of Puerto Rico, Doctors' Center Hospital, Manati, Puerto Rico

Retina Center of Puerto Rico
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