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Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

What type of information will I be asked to provide at my appointment?

  • Come in with a recently refreshed knowledge of your medical history. Record and bring the names of any prescription medicines you are currently taking. If you have ever had surgery, or are planning on having surgery, notify the doctor. If you pregnant or nursing, please notify the doctor and give an estimate on your due date or weaning. Try to attain any significant medical history of close relatives such as parents, siblings, and grand parents.

Who needs a retinal exam?

  • Any patient with retinal disease such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or other retinal diseases. All patients with diabetes or hypertension should be seen for an annual dilated eye exam, even if their vision is perfect and they have no symptoms.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Be sure to bring an ID such as a driver's license, your insurance card, a list of your medical conditions and current medications, and a list of any family medical problems. It is recommended that diabetic patients bring a snack as the visits may be long if testing or treatment is needed. Bring sunglasses as your pupils will be dilated and the sun will be bothersome. It is recommended that you bring a driver with you. Family members are encouraged to accompany you to the appointment.

Will my eyes be dilated?

  • Yes. Both eyes will always be dilated at all appointments. This is because the retina cannot be fully evaluated without dilation. Dilation will give you sensitivity to the light and will also affect your ability to see up close. This typically lasts a few hours although it may last until the following day. It is recommended that you bring a driver.

Can I drive myself to my appointment?

  • It is recommended that you bring a driver to the eye appointment since your pupils will be dilated. Some people do feel comfortable driving even with their pupils dilated.

How much time should I expect to be at the appointment?

  • Make sure to allot two to three hours for the appointment, especially if this is a first visit. You will be seen by an ophthalmic technician first who will get your history and begin the eye exam. Then your pupils will be dilated. Dilation takes 30 minutes. After dilation, you will be seen by Dr. Al-Attar. Frequently testing and sometimes treatment is performed at the same visit. Please bring a snack if you are a diabetic.

What are the most common types of retinal conditions?

  • The most common retinal disease are related to Diabetes or Hypertension. Some diseases are age related such as age related macular degeneration.

Can I come in for only a consultation but not a prescription or treatment?

  • Yes

What type of insurance does the Retina Center accept?

  • American Health Medicare
  • Cigna
  • First Plus
  • Humana
  • Mapfre
  • Medical Card System Classicare
  • Medicare
  • Medicare y Mucho Mas
  • Prefered Medical Choice
  • Prossam
  • Triple S

Does the Retina Center take Medicare patients?

  • Yes we accept Medicare and most Medicare Advantage programs.


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